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What is my hat size?

We have a few simple instructions to make sure you measure your head properly and purchase the perfect sized hat for YOU. Measure your head with a tape measure in the middle of your forehead, wrapping tape around your head and above your ears.

Lou Webb sizing

Small         55cm – 56cm   (S)

Medium    56cm – 57cm   (M)

Large         57cm – 58cm   (L)


Tips on how to care for your hat


Hats are best stored in a box resting upside down on the crown, so the brim does not go out of shape. Use tissue paper scrunched lightly under the crown to support it. The hat will remain upright with the tissue taking pressure off the brim to retain its shape.


Always handle your hat by the brim, not the crown. Too much pinching or touching the crown may lead the straw to crack.

Wet Hat

If your Panama straw is wet it may shrink. Be sure you leave it to dry thoroughly.

Fur felt is able to cope with being wet better than wool felt. Wool felt hats may shrink if wet. Most felts can handle a little moisture but avoid having them completely wet. If your hat is wet leave it to dry on a flat surface, so as it retains its shape.


For Panama hats use an eraser gently to remove any marks, rub with the grain of the straw. You can also use baby wipes, don’t over wet as this may cause discolouration or change the shape of your hat.  Definitely avoid chemicals.

Gently use a suede or clothes brush to remove marks on fur felt hats. If the mark still persists use a baby wipe and allow to dry thoroughly before touching.


If your hat changes shape it can be reshaped by steaming. Use the steam setting on your iron or boiling the kettle. Hold your hat over the rising steam – be careful not to burn yourself with the steam, it can be very dangerous, take caution if using this method. Whilst the hat is warm and flexible, reshape back into the desired shape then leave the hat to dry completely.

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